Paintings Portraits on demand

Hire me by requesting to paint a portrait for you. Perhaps you need a portrait of your girlfriend, child, or family member, I'll make it for you with pleasure. Let me know if you need landscapes, still life, or abstractions for your apartments and offices. 

Your first order at half price.  You will not pay if you were not satisfied. 

Below an example. This portrait was made from a photo, it took me three weekends to finish it.

Oil on Canvas, Width: 60 cm (24 in), Height: 50 cm (20 in)


More Paintings at the link 

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions. We can discuss all details before starting, e. g. clothing, background, media, etc.  

Send me a few photos for the future portrait at  If you live in Malta I can make a few photos of your desired person

Kind regards,

Oleg Koreyba