Realtime Eyes in the Metro Exodus game

General / 16 August 2020

It was a cool challenge to build a new Realtime Eyes \ Complex-Shader inside 4a Engine. All who had tried or made eyes in their own engines - will understand. 

Here 2 links to remind, how previously character eyes look in the Metro games:   



Below a few eye screenshots (2016-2020) from the Metro Exodus (game engine renders)

I was responsible for the new look of the human eyes in the Metro Exodus:  research, experiments, joint work with Programmer(Skynet), requesting to him the new features, + modeling, shading, texturing, in-editor setup all human eyes, etc.

The eye shader may well be the most complex shader in the whole project, even through not all of the results of our work ended up being used in the release version of the game.

Thanks, Skynet (Yuriy Sashchuk) for a good job!

Thank you 4A Games for this opportunity!

I hope you enjoyed the game :)