3D-Scanning Trees, Photogrammetry image packs and RAW 3D scans

General / 20 June 2020

Hi folks,

I’d like to drop a few lines about photogrammetry I’ve been using periodically since 2014. Today, let’s talk about 3D-scanning trees.

Below are a few renders of the realized Raw 3D scan (3D model + color texture)  Ancient Olive Tree #2 

In my childhood, I used to draw trees a lot. Now, mostly during vacations, I take photos of trees as a hobby as work with a camera outside is quite enjoyable and helps one recover from work at the office. Using a DSLR camera and walking around the object selected for the photogrammetry process, I take a lot of pictures. 

In 2019, instead of traveling, I used the long Christmas holidays to start preparing my photogrammetry image packs collected over the course of 5 previous years - for sale on the Artstation Marketplace.

Below one of the photos from the photogrammetry image pack that was used to create the model and texture above. 

Making 3D models from photogrammetry data takes many days’ worth of computer time. It's hard to say when I'll find time to make 3D models from the other collected image packs. Years go by as tree data sets quietly sleep on my hard drives. That's why I decided to share the photogrammetry image packs with you instead of waiting for the unidentified point in the future when I get around to make the 3D models out of them.

So, 25 photogrammetry image packs were uploaded to the Artstation Marketplace

I believe, there are many Artists who could use these data sets in their projects today or hereafter.


Photogrammetry image packs allow you to build your own 3D scans, 3D assets or seamless PBR materials, using any photogrammetry software. You can find tutorials about photogrammetry and information about free or commercial photogrammetry software on the web.

These image packs can be useful for texturing and as references, as well.


Most of my image packs were shot in RAW (NEF) format and converted to JPG after shadows\highlights corrections. If you think some of the images are still dark, I recommend an additional shadows\highlights correction after baking albedo textures.


If for some reason you can’t make your own 3D scan from my image packs, please let me know which one you’d like to buy as a 3D scan \ 3D model. Please describe your project's needs (RAW scan or Real-time asset, poly-count, textures size\count, albedo only or full PBR set, etc).

Send me a request for a specific tree (e.g. pine or oak), object, etc. Let me know which of the following is better for you - photogrammetry image pack, 3D scan, asset, or seamless PBR material?

Share with me 

I’d be grateful if you shared with me the screenshots or links to your projects using my image packs or 3D scans.

Thank you! 

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